VAS - Value Added Services

A telecom value-added
service (VAS) provider.

Convergent Charging and Secured Communication Systems.

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Our Value Added Services in the Cloud

A value added service that can be
self-tailored, within minutes.

High Availability & Maximum Security

A sophisticated cost management system allows usage adjustment according to load.

Maximum security is maintained, and all private data and messages are encrypted on entry point and decrypted on exit point.

Fast and Easy Creation of Value Added Service

Convex developed an innovative web-based system enabling mobile network operators to create their own VAS Services.

Allowing fast and easy creation of a value added service. This saves time and money, and makes it possible to maintain a high level of customer service.

Creation of Services in Minutes

A unique HTML5-based service flow editor, enabling the creation of various value added services in minutes.

Advanced objects like web service integration or JavaScript can be used to enhance service functionality.

Engage with your customers

We have extensive experience in content acquisition for Telecom VAS services.

Our strong relationships with the major studios, as well as other international and local content rights owners, means we can help with all your acquisition requirements across multiple platforms for TV, broadband and mobile, and across multi-territories.

Researching & Analyzing The Market Place

Recommending & Testing Different Approaches

Packaging, Pricing & Promoting Content

Best Ways To Integrate A Content Offering

On & Off Screen Marketing Activity

Faster and smarter
Value Added Services.

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