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It is imperative for companies to explore cost-effective options through which they can send their messages directly to the “right people”. With the option of sending right message to right people, the whole idea of advertising is changed by Tinkan Sponsored call. Tinkan will rely on its proprietary technology to enable location-based, demographically targeted and contextually relevant advertisements. Tinkan Sponsored Call is seen as the most important area for advertisers to spend their marketing budgets, which is an excellent way to target millions of subscribers.

Advertisers can benefit from:

  • An active user base of more than 22 million customers.
  • Segmentation & Target marketing
  • One to One Marketing
  • Absolutely no Spamming
  • Guaranteed contact moment - Every advertisement will be heard
  • Pay per impression / slots
  • Online Campaign Management System (CMS)
  • Promote, Send out Vouchers or even prizes.
  • 100% accurate location based, time dependent, unique user and socio economic profiling available and many more to come like gender, age and consumer interests.


  • Subscription for this service is absolutely free for the users.
  • Users have to dial 530333******* in order to make a free call (53 is the prefix).
  • An advertisement will be played for upto 15 seconds before the call is forwarded to the desired number.
  • Users will get that call free for the 1st minute (1 minute of free talk time) as an incentive for listening to the advertisement.

A user will be allowed to make 3 TinKan calls daily.

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