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As a recognized supplier of SMS text messaging services and solutions, our provision of exclusive SMS tools is second to none.

For most companies, SMS has become an invaluable tool and is deployed across a range of different business functions: staff communications, crisis management, customer service messaging, marketing notifications and meeting updates. If audience connection is needed rapidly and securely, we are the specialist SMS solution provider.

Our group is large enough to provide a reliable and well-supported SMS communication network, while continually focusing on providing truly personalized 2-way SMS products:

Convex SMS Gateway is an apt solution for companies that need advanced mobile messaging features at minimum cost because it enables you to take SMS MT to the next level along with 2 way SMS with high levels of security. Through Convex you can integrate your database with our mobile transaction platforms.

  • Dedicated Short Code
  • Shared Short Code
  • SMS Interactive Campaigns
  • SMS & MMS to TV Campaigns
  • SMS Ticker & SMS Chat

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