Case Study

Can Craft Campaign

How we helped PediaSure to connect with their direct consumers, the kids.


PediaSure is a nutritional supplement clinically proven to help kids grow. It is especially suitable for kids with malnutrition and picky eating habits. The target customers for PediaSure are parents, and marketing goal of PediaSure is to educate the parents about the product. But now PediaSure wanted to build a connection with its actual consumer, which are the kids.

Therefore, The main objective set was to come up with engaging content that would engage the kids and the parents and make them resonate with PediaSure.

The challenge at hand was to connect with the direct consumers of PediaSure, the kids, and encourage the parents to do an activity with their kids.


As the summers were just around the corner, it was a great time to come up with an activity based campaign as children would have ample time to spend on them. So our idea was to utilize this time and come up with a campaign that would be off the digital platform thus encouraging the parents and children to spend more time together.

We also noticed there was an increase in the number of summer camps being offered all around Pakistan, this also indicated that the parents wanted their children to step out of the digital zone and limit their screen time. This was another reason why we opted to go for a physical activity for the kids to do during the summer holidays.


Integrate PediaSure
into summer crafts

We answered the challenge by coming up with the Can Craft campaign during the summer vacations of the kids.

Easy to follow craft ideas where Pediasure cans can be upcycled into something useful and fun that kids can do without much supervision from the adults.

#PediaSure #CanCraft

Ideas regarding the crafts were formulated and a step by step tutorial was posted on Facebook, so it would be easy for the kids to follow and understand how to make it.

We wanted to allow the kids to enjoy their creative freedom so we asked them to personalize and make their own versions of the suggested crafts and share in the comments of the video tutorial post.

The first video was posted on June 1st 2019, which received a very good reaction from the audience. The video was a tutorial on how to make a flower pot out of the Pediasure can. The video reached around 1.1 million users across Pakistan. And around 23000 people interacted with the brand.

The 2nd video was posted on 29th June 2019, that also received a very good response from the audience. This video demonstrated how to make drums out of the Pediasure can. This post reached to around 1.1 million users in Pakistan and around 32000 people interacted with the brand.


Each video reached around 1.1 million users across Pakistan and each got around 30000+ people engaging with the videos and interacting with the brand. Both the videos are now the top 2 highest performing videos of the page and also the top posts of the month of June.

We will continue on making such videos from time to time to make sure we stay in the minds of our customer and consumer.

Campaign STATS

1.1 M+

Users reached


People engaged

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