Case Study

Handcrafted Treats

How we helped Lush Crush to make falsa pop
one of the trending flavors of summer.


Lush Crush came into being, with the promise to provide desserts that are delicious, fun, healthy and innovative. The original ice pops of Karachi is a brainchild of a mother, Ayesha, who was looking for the perfect grab & go treats for her kids - treats that were fast, delicious and healthy.

She began experimenting in her own home with fresh seasonal fruits, to provide handcrafted treats without preservatives, artificial coloring, flavoring or sweetening. Due to the immense success Lush Crush has opened up 4 outlets across Karachi and offers more than 20 flavors on their ever-changing menu.

The challenge was to get the flavor trending without spending any budget on its marketing. We had to make sure that our posts for the flavor was visually very captivating and reached maximum audience organically even though the current Facebook algorithm doesn’t support this.


The increasing impact of Facebook food groups in our community, and how reviews on these groups could really impact the sales of a brand was noticed. And top two food review groups in Karachi with the maximum audiences were locked to be used for the campaign.


Food Groups Subtlety Marketing

We implemented this in the best way to get the flavor trending without spending any money on it, firstly the creative needs to be right in terms of visual and text content. Secondly the time we start promoting the flavor is also of keen importance.

Posting the creatives at a time when the audience is most active and when the weather temperatures have risen would also be beneficial, along with this posting it before any other competitor releases their falsa flavored product would give the brand a competitive edge.


We came up with two posts for the falsa pop, one to be posted as an announcement and the second was supposed to be a follow up post on falsa. Both the posts were visually enticing and gave the feel of the falsa pop.

Creative 1

Once this was posted we re-shared the post on one of the most famous Karachi food group and this just created the right buzz for us, this post was followed by another follow up post on the flavor.

Creative 2 (Follow up post)

Caption: The return of Falsa Ice Pop has created buzz around K-town. Hurry to your nearest Lush Crush Outlet before it sells out again!


The over result of the campaign was amazing, where we reached the maximum reach organically without spending any budget on the marketing of the flavor. The brand also gained awareness from it which increased the number of likes on the page immensely.

We reached 173K+ users organically and around 14K+ engagements on the post, all of this combined gave Falsa post and Lush Crush the right push.

Campaign STATS

173 K+

Users reached Organically


People engaged

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