Case Study

PSL Craze Campaign

How we helped Brite to integrate with the PSL cricket craze beyond target market.


Brite is a laundry detergent brand of Colgate Palmolive; it possesses superior stain removal qualities. The main objective of Brite is to inform the audience that it has the best stain removing capabilities. This message had to portrayed in way that its relatable to the audience and sets well with the current trend to speed up the awareness process.

We availed the opportunity of upcoming PSL event and decided to formulate a campaign around cricket food and stains, therefore reaching out and appealing to a vast audience, and keeping up with the current trend.

The challenge was to integrate Brite with the PSL craze and reach beyond the target market since the main component of the campaign was the cricket craze the campaign were to build brand awareness among both females and males.


The common trend that we notice in the community whenever there is a cricket match, friends and family sit together and enjoy the match. Since the match takes up half the day, people usually eat and drink in front of the TV and food in such situations are hard to handle resulting in spills.

We incorporated this concept with the ongoing Pakistan super league to create our “Brite Ki Daaghon Ko Maar”. campaign


The Power of Brite to Wash Unforeseen Stains

We came up with a campaign what would highlight food along with cricket. We planned to make videos this was done by selecting the four finalist teams of the Pakistan super league matches along with four different but famous food, relevant to those cities. These foods were linked to unforeseen stains and the power of Brite to wash them off.


We implemented the idea in such a way that our audience's love for cricket and food, both, can be linked to each other. Overall, we made four videos, each representing one team along with its famous food.

These videos were published on Facebook and YouTube. Along with every 4 videos there was a competition going on in which we asked our audience to share the best moment of the match in the comments below to get a chance to win prizes.

Furthermore, we made Facebook posts and stories to create a hype around the campaign and offered an incentive to our audience by asking them questions related to the videos.


Overall, the campaign results were amazing the campaign gained immense popularity on the famous Facebook group "Khalid Alvi Marketing Next". Out of the four videos, Quetta video received the highest engagement, including 3.8K reactions, 207 comments and 240 shares.

This is all the result of the fact that we were able to interlink two of the most famous and loved things in Pakistan, Cricket and food, making it unique and exciting in its own way!!

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